Core FunctionsWe Are A Leading Milk Collection Dairy In Nyandarua County

Core functions are those set of activities that are central to the existence of the organization. Organizational competence and culture develop around the core functions. Core competence is the basis upon which organizations achieve strategic advantage – the skills and know how – that distinguishes them from others and provides value to stakeholders.

The core functions of Ol Kalou are derived from the company objects and these are the activities that Ol Kalou must undertake to fulfill its role as entrusted to it and mandated by the owners of the company.

The core functions of Ol Kalou Dairy are:

  • To create and increase value proposition to the market through offering high quality value added products and services to dairy farmers in Nyandarua County
  • To create and increase value proposition to farmers and shareholders through enhancing shareholder wealth
  • To create strong governance and management structures
  • To improve financial health of Ol Kalou Dairy and Hub Services
  • To improve capital structure for the chilling plants

Strategic Objectives

Despite relatively strong sales, growing profit margins and turnover, coupled with better liquidity position, Olkalou Dairy has set its sights on bigger things in the years ahead. Besides this, fierce competition in Kenya's consumer dairy market, more so in our catchment and continually rising production costs pose potentially serious threats to our market position. To sustain the company growth momentum, Olkalou Dairy now sets an ambitious goal of doubling its current productivity within two years.

Olkalou Diary Ltd is at a critical stage of its development, with rapid growth come challenges of sustaining customer confidence and market share through investment in a good and reliable workforce, systems and structures and good governance structures. To position itself in the competitive arena, the Dairy seeks to pursue a business transformation agenda entailing the following broad approaches;

  • Renewal of the enterprise; by enhancing business hub services; initial targeted hub businesses include Agro-Vet Shop, AI Services, Diesel/Petrol Station, Milk Bars, and Financial Services (feasibility assessment and business planning for these services is on-going)
  • Reframing of the business focus to incorporate both efficiency and effectiveness as the pillars to business success
  • Revitalizing the human resources asset by motivating the work force and streamlining the HRM operations
  • Restructuring the power relations so as to realize great synergy between the Board, Management and the Staff

The following are the objectives of Ol Kalou Dairy Limited:

  1. To create strong governance structures
  2. To increase value proposition to the markets
  3. To increase value proposition to farmers and cooperatives
  4. To improve financial health and capital structure of the chilling plant
  5. To pursue growth through diversification of products and services