About UsWe are a leading milk collection dairy in Nyandarua County

Our Background

Ol Kalou Dairy (2016) LTD is a leading milk collection dairy in Nyandarua County. The company was incorporated in 2001 with representation from 13 locations around Olkalou.

Using the milk chilling hub investment model the company seeks to add value to the dairy industry within its area of operation and beyond. The factory sits on a 5 acres parcel of land next to Olkalou town, where it has put up two permanent buildings. We have drilled a borehole within its premises from where it draws water from

Currently the company has 21,000 registered milk suppliers with 50% of them actively supplying milk to the dairy. The company has also established milk collection centers spread across the region. Olkalou has a daily milk collection and marketing volume standing at 60,000 kgs.

The company has also launched four hub services namely, an agro vet shop, A.I services, FSA and diesel fuel pump. Olkalou dairy ltd has labour force of 80 staff members, headed by General Manager.

The board and the management of olkalou dairy ltd have developed growth strategy to help the company anticipate its economic requirements. The company has also constructed new building for staff offices and installed a 5,000 litres-per-hour milk pasteurisation processing line.



To market dairy products and offer other value-added services to farmers and other stakeholders within Nyandarua County and beyond.



Empowering farmers and other stakeholders into prosperity

Core Values


Olkalou Dairy recognizes that our biggest strength is the trust we will create in the minds of our suppliers and customers regarding the reliability and quality of our products and services. We stand for guaranteed high quality of all products we handle. The company has committed that product quality excellence will be its key central anchor to drive future growth of the business.